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Twisted is the smoke company that has made its way through the whole crowd. These are the smoke wraps with genuine flavors and hemp that change the game of smoke shots. So, the smokers who’re in love with the berries can enjoy its flavor in their smoke. Because twisted hemp wrap blue raspberry cherry has arrived to feast your taste bud with its tangy sweetness.

These slow and smooth burning smoke wraps come in the category of hemp rolls without any toxic substance. So, this brand supports a total of 60 flavors that in turn derive the hybrid flavors from them. Thus, there is no lack in quality and quantity of smoke wraps as these hemp foil sheets are perfect for the smoke blend.

Single basis hemp rolls

The twisted hemp organic wraps are based on single hemp sources. Hemp is specially imported from Canada. These hemp sheets are made by following the GMP process and have no unhygienic process coming on their way. Thus, the people who are conscious about the smoke rolls with good cleaning practices can easily apt these smoke rolls. In these smoke wraps, there are zero toxic substances and waste products.

Dual premium tips

So, the twisted smoke rolls have come with a variety of accessories. These accessories in turn facilitate vaping the best smoke shots. Thus, enjoy the premium smoke with the dual premium tips that never disappoint the smokers in any regard. Enjoy the unlimited smoke blend with this wrap and have endless fun.

Natural taste

The twisted hemp wraps contain all the natural ingredients and these natural ingredients add more value to these smoke rolls. So, the natural orange peel powder, the lavender extract, and a much more organic herbal blend are available in these organic smoke rolls. Thus, enjoy the blast of taste and aroma with these amazingly delicious smoke wraps.

Latest cut edges

Cut edges enable the best sealing of smoke wraps after filling a good amount of herb in them. Thus, those who’re tired of rolling the wraps with much effort now can enjoy the most perfect smoke sesh. These cut edges are made keeping in mind the new technology and needs of the customers. So, this would become easy for smokers now to wrap the corner with less effort.

Enhanced smoke vapors

Smoke wraps with enhanced flavors are the wish of every smoker. So, the smoker community was wishing for the new flavors and updates in the wraps. Thus, these smoke wraps come in the line of those smoke rolls that are free of contaminants. The enhanced flavor of smoke has offered great quality vaporous shots.

Single package with multiple flavors

The twisted hemp wrap blue raspberry cherry contains different flavors in a single pack. Thus, this smoke wraps the whole package has a wide variety of flavors with a unique pattern. The granular hemp has cannabis in them with four different flavors. So, there is nothing wrong to say that twisted rolls provide the superb smoke shot in the world.

No tobacco toxins

Some smokers love to smoke but also want the type of smoke that is free of any kind of toxin. So, here comes the twisted wraps that are exactly what the smokers wish for. Thus, these smoke wraps don’t contain any kind of tobacco or nicotine in their hemp sheet. These hemp sheets are a rich source of cannabis with great aromatic qualities and taste.

Smooth burn without any burnt texture

The twisted hemp smoke wraps are known for their eminence quality of smoke that burns smoothly. So, the hemp wraps don’t offer burnt textured smoke and have no harmful chemicals in them. Thus, the twisted wraps are famous for the hemp texture and the creamy smoke with which can be possible by smooth burn.

Classic rainbow flavors

So, the twisted wraps offer seven different flavors. All the flavors are of great classic taste and aroma. Hence, if you’re bored of your previous smoke flavors then, try these smoke wraps out. You’ll surely enjoy the flavors one after the other with friends at parties and several events.

Way to vape twisted hemp wraps

So, the perfect way to vape the twisted roll is very easy and simple. Thus, these smoke wraps are the pre-rolled twisted cone with cut-shaped edges. The twisted wraps have multiple purposes and benefits. Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned points, that will guide you to vape the best quality smoke with amazing hemp wraps:

  •         The initial crucial step is to take the good size pack of twisted wraps
  •         So, the next step is to take one wrap out of the pack and put it on the rolling tray
  •         Now it is time to roll the hemp sheet into the shape of a cone
  •         Thus, it’s time to grind your favorite herb into the grinder
  •         Add a good amount of herb into the cone and roll the cut shaped edges
  •         Seal the edges with some good food-grade glue and stick it onto the center well
  •         Now give it a proper shape and light up the end to inhale
  •         Enjoy the long sesh and have fun!

Overall review

So, the twisted hemp wraps blue raspberry cherry allows the most tasteful smoke. Smoke from hemp wraps is just like the smoke from the cigarette but the difference is in quality. Thus, the twisted smoke is free of any sort of chemicals and harmful agents.

Additionally, these smoke wraps are good in quality. Their one pack contains 4 hemp sheets of different flavors. Thus, you can enjoy this pack in the discount price range. Enjoy the quantity with quality as there is no other brand available, that can supply both with low price ranges.


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Twisted hemp wrap blue raspberry cherry is the most suitable hemp sheet for smokers. These are the 100% organic smoke rolls without the harsh flavors of tobacco.

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